Concept and philosophy

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We are a small privately run hotel with innovative ideas and concepts, and we instil the principles of reliability, competence and the ability to think and act responsibly and pragmatically into the young people who are absolving their training with us.

Our guests are in prime importance at all times. We want them to feel at home here, to have good memories of ther stay here, and to return to our hotel on future occasions. That we treat them with the greatest respect, consideration and coustesy goes without saying. Should a guest ever have cause to complain, he may be sure the matter will not only be dealt with promptly, but regarded as a chance for us tu improve our service.

For us, "quality" means not merely fulfilling the expectations of our guests, but exceeding them. We offer, whenever possible, home-grown and ecologically friendly produce, and work almost exclusively with local retailers and suppliers. Our policy of recycling and re-using where possible ensure that waste is kept to a minimum and energy is saved.

We are in business to make a profit, and thus to provide secure employment to our team, and a secure return for our investors. Taking excellent care of the hotel and everthing in it, from furniture to flatware, eliminates unnecessary replacements and purchases.

We work as a team, we have our rules and we stick to them. We actively encourage our employees to enhance their owen careers through further education and training. We lead by example.We guarantee each and every member of our team fair wages for the work they do, and knowing that we have made people happy makes us happy too!


Hospitality is our watchword and

contented guests are our motivation!

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    Hotel & Restaurant
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    Irmgard Rösch
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